Privacy Accelerator
Online accelerator for commercial and non-commercial projects in the sphere of privacy, access to information and legal technologies.
Accelerator participants receive
  • Expert knowledge and networking
    Often new projects fail due to lack of understanding of the subject area. We have extensive expertise knowledge and networking.
  • First followers and market entry
    Experts will help to launch the project, and with the help of our partners we will find the first users.
    • Funding assistance
    We are in touch with business angels, venture capital and non-profit funds. Successful graduates usually attract funding for their project.
  • Privacy
  • Access to information
  • LegalTech

  • Requirements for projects
    Having an MVP and the necessary team ready to spend at least 20 hours a week on the project.

    For commercial projects, a product manager is required.
  • Contents of the program
    The program lasts for 3 mounths and includes lectures, mentoring sessions and hometasks.

    For commercial projects
    Program includes units about marketing, product management and customer development.

    For non-commercial projects
    Program includes units about customer development, PR and fundraising.
  • Cost of participation
    For both non-commercial and commercial projects, participation in the accelerator program is free.
Mentors and Experts
  • Stanislav Shakirov
    Founder of Privacy Accelerator, co-founder of the School of Cyber Law and Digital Rights Center, technical director and co-founder of Roskomsvoboda. Expert in the IT products promotion, cybersecurity and Internet entrepreneurship.
  • Ivan Mikhailov
    CEO of ADWIST, ex-deputy executive director of Hearst Shkulev Media. Marketing expert for b2b and b2c products, development and launch of projects in international markets.
  • Artem Ignatenko
    Agile Coach X5 Retail, ex-Product Owner of Alfa-Bank («Альфа-Банк»), rx-director of the Development Department of a group of IT companies, entrepreneur. Expert in organizing of product hypotheses testing and organizing product development processes.
  • Natalia Malysheva
    Head of Public Relations of RosKomSvoboda, journalist and eco-activist. Expert in the field of media, communication and promotion, organization of public campaigns.
  • Ekaterina Abashina
    Lawyer, media lawyer. Expert in the field of media, e-commerce and protection of privacy.
  • Vadim Misbakh-Soloviev
    Systems administrator and technical consultant of RosKomSvoboda, Internet entrepreneur, expert in the implementation of IT technologies, cryptography and opensource enthusiast.
  • Алексей Шевелёв
    Head of User Relations Department
  • Sargis Darbinyan
    Lawyer, Head of Legal Practice at RosKomSvoboda («РосКомСвободы»), Head of the Digital Bar Association "DBA & Partners", expert in the field of privacy protection and legislation in the field of IT and IP.
  • Daria Gorbacheva
    Privacy Accelerator Coordinator. Experience in the field of community management, organizing online and offline events.
  • Nikolay Dmitrik
    Head of the Laboratory of Legal Informatics and Cybernetics, Faculty of Law, L.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Expert in the field of electronic government and digital transformation of state and law.
  • Ivan Begtin
    Director of NPO Information Culture, russian presenter. Expert in the field of open data, digital state, public procurement, public finance, privacy.
  • Andrey Chervatyuk
    UX / UI designer. Expert in interface design and usability.

Service for creating a personal VPN on your own server.
Habit Tracker & Personal Safety Assistant.
Encrypted peer-to-peer instant email
Analysis of agreements on the personal data processing.
Private service deployment platform.
Countering fraudulent fees disguised as charity.
Phishing training for the whole family.
SecurityAddon — uninstall apps and encrypt files in unforeseen circumstances.
Kitty — cloud file storage with p2p encryption.
Get Site Copy – telegram bot that allows you to read materials from blocked media without VPN. 
WEB-service extracting arrays of data on court decisions of the courts of the Russian Federation

Russian version

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